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AIDA Holistic & Health Resort

A Name to experience the real Ayurveda Philosophy

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It was a great experiene that stay at the AIDA Health Resort as they maintain the real flavour of Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Philosophy which has a great history in Sri Lanka. As you enter the hotel an experienced doctor will consult you about an hour to design the most suitable helath & wellness treatments to offered during your stay in the hotel.These treatments includes holistic therapies,spirtitual development,immotional balanceing etc. This diagnose will followed by using it's own traditional methods of Ayurveda like pulse reading,palm reading,eye diagnosing,tounge diagnosing etc.During their stay they will receive heap of treatments to tone their body & mind with the real harmony of Ayurveda. Yoga,meditation are also included to development of the immotinal balance. Sauna,flower baths, Heep of ayurveda treatments are offered.All the ayurvedic friendly healthy foods are offered during their stay in the hotel. Also the guests will have the luxury hang around in the herbal garden allwoing them to breath fresh air blowing through the plants of herbs.It's really a great experience.

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Ratnaloka Tour Inn,Kosgala,Kahangama,Ratnapura

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Last weekend we went Ratnaloka Tour Inn,Ratnapura. It was situated in a calm village called "KOSGALA" which is about 8 kilometers away from the city of Ratnapura.The hotel is sorrounded by a tea plantation which is spread about 40 acres of land. The hotel garden has lots of cardamon trees & many other tress like tamarind etc. The main retaurant is air venilated while the Orchid is an air conditioned one.

The Gem museum is something unique to this hotel, which displays large varities of local & foreign gems.Also it has a jewellery shop which sells lots of gems studded silver & 14k & 18k Gold jewellaries.

All rooms are air conditioned with a mini bar.Since the hotel is situated in Ratnapura they have some gem mining sites in the hotel garden. most of guests in the hotel are enjoyed with the experience of gem mining. The hotel garden is ideal for bird watching as well. Many of the bird species can be observed in the hotel park.

Hotel has some interesting features like tea plucking competition,bird watching tours, Adam's peak tours, wild safaris to Udawalawe park etc.

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The Club Bentota

Paradise Island in Bentota

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Last weekend i went to the Club Bentota. It was a nice tranquil location situated in an island boarded by the Bentota river & the sea. The hotel garden was totally a palm grove cultivation by organic fertilizing. It was a nice boat journey to arrive at the begining. This is a club type hotel where guest enjoys their own freedom of relaxing. The Hotel has a comprehensive animating department who is resposible for all entertaining activities to keep the guests entertained during their stay at club bentota. They arrange daily programs including sports activities,fun filling activities or even dramas in the night. The water sport centre also functioning under their supervision. They have so much of water sport activities. The hotel hosts lots of holistic therapies by it's Ayurvedic Centre to keep your body & mind in the harmony. Also the hotel arranges a special dinner in a barge while you travelling in the Bentota river. It serves wide varieties of sea foods. this hotel is an all inclusive hotel where guests enjoys the luxury of having unlimited local beverages etc.

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The Cinnamon Lodge,Habarana

Unforgettable stay at habarana


As we entered the Ciinamon Lodge,Habarana we felt the comfort which makes bt the trees & creepers around the hotel. It was really an untamed sorrounding. the hotel was boarded by the picturesque habarana lake. The bank of the habarana lake provides an ideal opportiunity for bird watching. We saw a large number of bird species during our stay in the hotel park. The sunset through the habarana lake so beautiful in the evening. The hotel is located in a convinient place and exactly in the center of the cultural traingle.

The friendly staff of the hotel gave us a remarkable stay. Cinnamon lodge has a very special butler service where the butler will organize everything on guest's preferences. There was a organic farm as well inside the hotel park where they grow all sort of sri lankan vegetables. They allow us to select vegetable at our preferences from the farm then they cook & serve us.Also the hotel had buffet called Ala minute where they prepare our meals in a miniute rather than having a set menu. Even the salads we could select our ingridients & dressings & they will prepare it in our presence. There was no buffet time for meals. They had 24 hour service & we had the choice to have our meals even under the tree shades. Also they arrange a team to prepare our meals at the excursions we choose to visit.

Evening walk through the jogging path allowed us to breath fresh air while we were walking the tree shades.Our rooms were nicely designed to pamper with the untamed nature sorrounding. It was well furnished. So we enjoyed very much staying at Cinnamon lodge.

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